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כולל שס אידן


  • 160 DAYS MORE LEARNING per year than the average kollel!
  • Learning 7 DAYS/WEEK incl. erev Shabbos & Shabbos, erev Yom Tov & Yom Tov
  • Each avreich completes a A MINIMUM OF 13,555 DAF a year
  • 40 DAF A DAY + RASHI + TOSFOS = 8 daf + 4 chazoras on each
  • Detailed MONTHLY TESTS & farhers on 225 DAF
  • HALF-YEAR TEST & farher on 1350 DAF
  • ANNUAL SHAS TEST & farher on 2711 DAF
  • PUBLIC FARHERS by Gedolei Hatorah (2-3 times a year)

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רשת הכוללים שס אידן

In Iyar 5778, together with the inauguration of the latest addition to the Shas Yiden network, Shas Yiden Yerushalayim, Maran Sar Hatorah Hagaon Chaim Kanievsky, shlit”a, accepted to serve as the Nasi of the Shas Yiden network. This was after farhering all the avreichim every year on the entire Shas and celebrating their annual Siyum in his home in memory of the late Rebbetzin Batsheva Kanievsky, z”l.

In the words of Rav Chaim:

As the new year approaches, and that comes upon us for the good, I extend my blessings to all those who support the Shas Yiden Kollel Network that was established by my friend and colleague Hagaon Harav Avrohom Halevi Eisen, the Pozna Rov, shlit”a. The student body comprises incredible talmidei chachomim of great stature, who are able to study and complete the entire גפ"ת (Gemora, Peirush (Rashi), Tosfos) – every year, diligently and with thorough understanding.

They have visited with me numerous times and I have tested them on the entire Shas. They were amazing with their incredible knowledge of the entire Shas, in depth and in breadth. Especially, this year, in response to my request to open additional such kollelim in Israel and abroad, two were opened – in Beitar and London.

Praised are they who merit to support the Shas Yiden Kollel Network by entering the most mehudar Yissachar-Zevulun partnership pact. I bless them that, in the merit of such support, all the wishes of their hearts will be fulfilled for the good, with brocho and hatzlocho in all matters, and for a good and sweet year. They shall be blessed with all the brochos written in the Torah - for good parnosso, refuah and yeshu’os until the coming of the Righteous Redeemer – amen. With blessing for a כתיבה וחתימה טובה
Erev Rosh Hashanah 5781

Support for Shas Yiden is a segulah for ehrliche kinder, yir’ei shomayim – sons talmidei chachomim and bonos tznu’os
At the 5779 Siyum Hashas

“All who support Shas Yiden will be saved from chevlei (the travails of) Moshiach - spiritually and materially”
At the inauguration of Shas Yiden - Yerushalayim

All who support Shas Yiden will merit olam hazeh and olam habo, and will acquire Torah and wealth.
At the inauguration of Shas Yiden - Bnei Brak

The Rabbanim Geonim, avreichim of Kollel Shas Yiden... visited with me. I discussed with them many subjects in Shas and I saw that their knowledge was exceptional, and I derived much pleasure. My blessing is that they should continue this path.
At farher Kislev 5774

“Let these lines serve as a testimony regarding the honorable Rabbonim Geonim, the avreichim of the Shas Yiden Kollelim… that they are בעלי תריסין)ba’alei trisin - those who dynamically debate Torah and Jewish Law) and are בעלי מידות of noble character.
“They visited with me, and I tested them with questions from throughout Shas. I was amazed at their incredible knowledge, and their study effort to delve through the entire Talmud every year, both in depth and with all-encompassing proficiency. Happy is their portion and those who support and assist are full partners in the project.
“All who support [Shas Yiden] will merit to see blessing from their livelihood many times over, and will be protected from the travails of the Messianic times. I bless them that they shall merit to bring greatness and glory to the Torah, amidst tranquility and with brochov’hatzlocho (blessing and success) in all their efforts – Amen and may it be His will

28 Cheshvan 5779

“A first in 2000 years of Jewish history! Until Shas Yiden, never a Torah institution where ALL the scholars know the entire Shas by heart”

The Sanzer Rebbe Shlit"a

Shas Yiden Facts


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