In the Words of the Avrechim…

“The avreichim diligently study Shas through your incredible support. Happy are you and great is your portion and merit in the study of thousands of hours and thousands of blat of gemara that are learned here… The merit of the Torah and its talmidei chachomim should stand for you – in this world and in the world to come.”

Chaim Yehudah Start

“Kollel Shas Yiden is surely unique in this generation, to enable the acquiring the knowledge of all the elements of Torah in all the sugyos of Shas. Happy are you, Rabbi Avraham, who has established this yoke of Torah and it is to your great merit all of this good ‘and the creation of man’ was because of you.”

Menachem Mendel Lev

“With a heart filled of thanks to Hashem Yisborach, who, in His great kindness, has brought us here to the courtyard of His great house – where Torah and pure yir’ah are nurtured, and where the glory of the learning of Gemara is being restored as in days gone by”

Yerucham Zak

“I feel an obligation to express the depths of feeling in my heart regarding this fantastic year in which we were able to learn in depth and with great diligence hundreds of blat of Gemara… From my own experience, without such a framework, I would never have managed to achieve even a third or a quarter of the incredible achievement that is possible through Kollel Shas.”

Nisan Halevi Goldberg

“The excitement that envelops us all at Kollel Shas Yiden is not easily described. We have found ourselves standing on a mountain peak asking how we have been able to climb this high, something that we could not even have dreamed or anticipated. It is clear that your zchus [Reb Avraham] has caused it, and has enabled us to arrive at where we are. We are able to declare to the entire world that the Torah is not in heaven!”

Moishe Isaac Samet

“There are no words to describe the hakoras hatov that we of the kollel group owe the Nasi of the kollel. In his merit we are able to sit in the tent of Torah in quiet and tranquility… I especially want to express my personal thanks for the incredible help that I have every day in the kollel that enables every blat that is learned and repeated in the chaburah to bring a new light to all the blat and masechtos.”

Yehoshua Weiss

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