Tears at Another Amazing Farher of Shas Yiden

Tears at Another Amazing Farher of Shas Yiden

By Rabbi Eliezer Sandler

The first gathering for a public farher on the entire Shas since reaching the mark of 100 avreichim geonim was held this last Monday, 2 Elul, in Bet Shemesh. 

Not only did the avreichim geonim demonstrate their prowess in the details of the Gemara, all the Rashis and Tosfos, they also amazed those present with their detailed knowledge and accurate quotations from all over the Rambam and his commentaries, from the Ktzos Hachoshen, Gilyon Hashas of Rabbi Akiva Eiger, Even Ha’Azel and other Acharonim. So many are still in their twenties, but their expansive Torah knowledge and recall is like that of scholars many, many years their senior. 

The examiner was Maran Hagaon Harav Yitzchak Shmuel Schwartz, shlit”a, Rav and Rosh Kollel of Bais Medrash Chisda, in Bnei Brak. Renowned for his bekius in Shas and the meforshim, as well as the breadth of Halacha, he fired deep and searching questions that challenged the mettle of the avreichim geonim.

Examiner’s Amazement

“I had incredible simcha and oneg when I sat on the dais facing them… On each question that I put before them they brought answers from all over Shas, and close referencing Rashi and Tosfos, quotes from the Rishonim and from across the entire Torah spectrum,” commented Harav Schwartz. 

“After asking them questions that required both quantitative and qualitative knowledge in Halacha and Aggada, fact and reasoning, I sat and reflected that their knowledge was amazing in its clarity and purity. Many of them are also proficient in Yerushalmi, Rambam, Tur and the Dalet Chelkei Shulchan Aruch. 

“Thus, I express my heartfelt feelings and appreciation of Hagaon Harav Avrohom Halevi Eisen whose spirit caused him to rise and gird himself to establish this network of kollelim to develop true Shas Yiden who illuminate the world with their Torah. He has created a gathering place of avreichim who are fully proficient in the entire Torah… this great phenomenon, which never existed before and has never been heard of in all the previous generations.”

The Tears of a Special Guest 

The holy Makover Rebbe shlit”a, from Kiyat Ata in the north, is renowned for his piety, holiness and scholarship. He knew of the prowess of the Shas Yiden avreichim geonim, and made time to attend the public farher. He was so inspired by the sight of all the avreichim together, all demonstrating a true mastery of the entire Shas, that he was moved to tears of joy. In a short address before departing the hall, his memorable words included the following:

“They study Torah in purity. With the power of the Torah they are protectors of this entire world and save it from many difficult decrees.

“Praised are those who support this holy project, and their reward is very great.”

“And now that we are in the month of Elul which is a propitious time for repentance that saves one from the harsh decree, one should be busy with repentance. However, Torah is a great purifier and is greater even than repentance and certainly must be a protection for the entire world.”

After the farher, the Makover Rebbe exclaimed: “Over the years I have witnessed many, many farhers of Torah and examples of erudition. But I have never, in my entire life, witnessed such an event where so many avreichim were gathered and tested together on the length and breadth of Shas, with non-stop questions, and the answers just came booming back.” 

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