Shas Yiden opens a 4th Kolel in Beitar!

And R’ Chaim’s Brocho comes true again

813,300 Blatt ahead for the Shas Yiden Avreichim

Just 4 years ago, the Nasi of Shas Yiden, Sar Hatorah Maran Hagaon Harav Chaim Kanievsky, shlit”a, gave a brocho that Shas Yiden should increase by another 10 kollelim with avreichim geonim! So, in addition to the first kollel in Beit Shemesh (which has 21 avreichim geonim), another kollel was opened in Bnei Brak (with 16), followed by Yerushalayim (with 12), and now, on Tuesday – Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan, in the young Torah city of Beitar (with 11). 

Yes, sixty metzuyonim – using the unique Shas Yiden system of learning and chazorah – master the entire Shas b’al peh, including every Rashi and Tosfos! Each avreich completes 8-blatt-a-day PLUS 4 chazoras, and sits for a bechina and farher on 225 blatt each month and a siyum hashas every year in Cheshvan.

Maranan, Gedolei Hatorah and Roshei Yeshiva across Eretz Yisroel, all acclaim the great feat of Shas Yiden over this last decade. Public farhers by leading talmidei chachomim on the entire Shas have captured the imagination of lomdei hatorah across the entire Jewish world. These live farhers can be viewed at Please click on the link to view them or to donate and support this incredible Torah endeavor – “the first of its kind in Jewish history”, declared both the Sanzer Rebbe, shlit”a, and Reb Meilech Biderman, shlit”a

On November 19, in celebration of 10 years of Shas Yiden and a year in which a minimum of 813,300 blatt will be completed by the 60 avreichim geonim, a gala farher and dinner, to be graced by Sar Hatorah and the gedolim of Eretz Hakadosh, will be held in Bnei Brak. אשרי העם שככה לו!